May 15, 2014

Fifteen Point Five - Wallpapers UHD


Hey guys. This is my latest wallpaper pack that I've titled Fifteen Point Five. (Today's date.) One hundred percent unique in a few different colours and effects, I'm very happy with the way these turned out. Once again the walls are in 1140x2560 res so you can crop and zoom to use just a section or set full screen. 
I've provided them individually or in a .zip file in my Drive folder HERE

I'm taking a break from S&D for a while but I'll be back soon. Enjoy. 

May 14, 2014

Industrial Design - Wallpapers UHD+

Hey guys. I'm back with another wallpaper pack this time with an "Industrial Design." The originals were given to me by +mick mochan so please ask for permission before re-sharing or using them for other reasons. The usual applies.. Made in 1140x2560 and higher, these will look sharp on all screen sizes. I tweaked, filtered and edited a few things, I hope someone else will enjoy using them too. 
You can grab them individually from my Drive folder, which also includes a .zip HERE

Have a great day.  

May 12, 2014

S&D Custom - Wallpapers UHD

Hey guys. I made some more wallpapers with my site logo. They're sized 1140x2560 which is UHD. I used some nice effects and tried some different things. I'm not sure if others would be interested but they do look nice on device. Icons are from +Jeppe Foldager 
As always you can grab them individually, or in a .zip from my Drive folder HERE

Thanks for looking. 

May 08, 2014

Bokeh Custom Wallpapers UHD

Hey guys. Introducing my latest wallpaper pack that I've edited, tweaked and messed around with in a Bokeh style. This pack consists of 16 unique walls with some nice colours and effects. I'm fairly happy with how they came out so I thought I'd share them with everyone. 
These come in a 1140x2560 resolution, they're Ultra High Definition and free of copyright. A .zip is also available from my Drive folder which you can grab HERE

Use'em, share'em or whatever. (I'd appreciate credit given)

April 30, 2014

ColoUr Sky - Wallpapers UHD


Hey guys. I made another wallpaper pack that some may like. I grabbed the original base from a site that shares copyright free pictures and images, so no issues in that regard. I added some filters and effects using various apps on my phone, they look pretty nice with different set-ups and icon combinations. Again, they are UHD 1140x2560 some are .png and some are .jpg. Not really an issue but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Completely free with no funny business, you can grab them from my Drive folder HERE. You'll find the pack in individual form and a .zip.

Feel free to share them around or whatever, tag me on Google Plus if you use them. 

April 13, 2014

It Ran - Wallpapers UHD

Hey guys. I designed a pack of walls today that I have called It Ran. Not really sure where I got the name from but that doesn't really matter. I started with a base wallpaper added a few effects and messed around with some levels. I'm happy enough with the out-come so I thought I'd share them. As always you can grab them from my Drive folder here 
I've also included the pack in a .zip for your convenience.


March 28, 2014

Pixel NYC - Chrome Theme

Nice and simple Chrome theme and wallpaper combination for today. I found this picture in my Google Plus Photos and thought it would make a nice theme. I slightly edited a little and added a few touches, not much really. I dig the colours and pixel all the things...

You can get the Chrome Theme HERE
Or the wallpaper on it's own HERE from my Drive folder